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How To Change Your Name by Deed Poll

Save hours of time researching and over £50 on changing your name compared to most deed poll providers in the UK.

Using our premium deed poll service, you will receive a professionally drafted deed poll, alongside a detailed suite of information and guidance, making changing your name a walk in the park!

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How does changing your name work?

Changing your name by deed poll is a straightforward procedure with 4 separate stages or processes that must be completed in order for your official documentation to become updated into your new name.

What Previous Clients Think

At Simply Deed Polls, we pride ourselves on a prompt, easy experience that delivers on the high expectations set by our clients. You can view a selection of reviews left by our previous clients below:

We can help you speed up the process

You can assured that when purchasing our deed poll service, you will be able to legally change your name within 8 weeks, providing you follow our simple instructions.

We have listed just 4 of the ways in which we help you change your name quickly and without any problems or stress below.

  • Free Postage (Within 2 working days)
  • Free Personalised Cover Letter
  • Free Guidance & Instructions
  • Record Holder Cheatsheet Included

Where will my deed poll be accepted?

We guarantee that the deed poll we draft and provide you with will be accepted by all companies and organisations, allowing you to change your name quickly and easily.

  • Government
  • DVLA
  • Passport
  • Banks
  • Education
  • Utilites

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