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How Long Does Changing Your Name Take?

Using our deed poll service you can change your name within 3-8 weeks.

You can have the deed poll document in your hands within 48 hours, but there's a procedure to follow, which takes slightly longer to complete..

When ordering our service, you will be presented with a crystal clear guide on how to complete the proceudre so you can change your name quickly and easily without any fuss.

This article will walk you through the procedure, how we can help you change your name quickly and what timescales you could be looking at.

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Things to consider before changing your name

Changing your name in the UK is a fairly straightforward process and can usually be completed within 8 weeks when using the deed poll process.

However, this does not mean that anyone can just create a deed poll and change their name. There are still procedural hoops to jump through, which we'll explain in more detail in this article.

You need to consider which type of deed poll you need, how you are going to obtain the documentation and how you are going to inform all record holders about your change of name.

Depending on how you proceed with the above options will dictate how long it takes you to change your name. Changing your name within 8 weeks isn't possible for everyone, but we're here to ensure it is for you!

Which type of deed poll do I need?

A deed poll must adhere to strict wording and structure to ensure its legally validity. Therefore, knowing which type of deed poll you need is imperative to ensuring you can change your name in a timely manner.

For peoeple under the age of 16, you must have the consent from everyone that holds parental responsibility for you. The consent comes in the form of a written statement with the signatures of those with parental responsibility on.

If you are over the age of 16 and wish to change your name, then you are free to do so without needing permission from legal guardians or those holding parental responsibility.

Executing on the deed poll process

There are three pivital steps you must take in order for your change of name deed. Executing on each of these 3 steps will enable you to change your name within around 8 weeks.

The first thing you should do when receiving your deed poll is sign it twice; once in your old name and once in your new name (you may need to create a new signature).

Once must then have a witness sign your deed poll, which cannot be a family member or someone living at the same address as you.

Lastly, you need to inform all record holders about your name change, which invovles in most cases sending them your deed poll with a personalised cover letter instructing them to change their records.

How we can help you speed up the process

We arm you with everything you'll need to change your name in the UK. Follow our clear instructions and use our free templates to change your name without any fuss.

  • Free postage within 2 working days
  • Clear instructions to make executing quick & easy
  • Free list of companies and organisations to contact
  • Affordable legal copies, making it quicker to notify everyone
  • Personalised cover letter, so you don’t need to create one

Where will my deed poll be accepted?

Here at we guarantee the acceptance of your deed poll with all companies and organisations, ensuring you can update your records without any problems.

  • Government
  • DVLA
  • Passport
  • Banks
  • Education
  • Utilites
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